Chartered Wealth Manager

Wealth Management Industry is one of the fastest growing disciplines of the Financial Services Sector and India is one of the fastest growing wealth management markets presently. All this growth in the wealth and wealthy has generated a strong interest in the Indian Wealth Management Industry by both domestic and foreign players in the market. The CWM® Certification has been extensively remodeled for India and is designed to equip you with the skill and expertise to take your wealth management career to the next level of professionalism.

Amount GST @ 18% Amount including GST Payable to
COURSE TRAINING FEES 50,000 9,000 59,000 Hedge School of Applied Economics
CWM ENROLLMENT FEE WITH AAFM 24000 4,320 28,320 Payable to AAFM India
CWM LEVEL 1 EXAM FEES 3000 540 3,540 Payable to AAFM India
CWM LEVEL 2 EXAM FEES 3000 540 3,540 Payable to AAFM India
80,000 14,400 94,400

Note 1: Educational loans are available towards the course training fees. If interested, please contact us for details.

Note 2: The CWM Registration Fees shown above are the indicative fees from AAFM for the Financial Year 2019-2020.

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Course registration fees 5000

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  • Disclaimer: We do not deliver internationally at this point. You can, however, order from any location and have it delivered within India.

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