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Our online journal, Hedge Ohari provides readers with a comprehensive knowledge about equity investment and can be accessed through http://hedgeohari.com/. Readers can take advantage of this online journal as a study guide to the various investment opportunities. The prime reason that equity investments are still alien to a vast majority of Malayalees is the lack of adequate knowledge about the sector. Our online journal provides information on the infinite possibilities of equity investing as well as articles and notes to shed light on various aspects of financial planning for investors. It provides an insight on the different investment options such as mutual funds, gold, and debt securities. The content of hedge ohari includes a wide array of articles and features on various other areas related to business and finance. A good number of Malayalees are facing financial issues due to a lack of planning and prejudices related to investments. Regular reading of hedge ohari will help you learn about ways to achieving financial freedom. The articles, recommendations, and notes are arranged in various areas such as Big Story, Market Trends, Portfolio, Stock Recommendation, Classroom, Mutual Fund, Insurance, Personal Finance, Tax Planning, Economy Watch, and Political Theater.

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Hedge Ohari is a monthly finance magazine that provides its readers comprehensive knowledge and insight about the various aspects of financial planning and the entire spectrum of investment and wealth creation methods, viz. stock market, mutual fund, real estate, gold, bonds, banking and so on.

The magazine's content includes articles, features and interviews about the diverse areas related to finance and business. Sections such as industry, business management, agriculture, education, automobile, brand equity, success mantras, insurance, lifestyle, gadgets, and cinema enrich the magazine's contents from cover to cover.

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