The foundation of Hedge Wealth Management Services is our belief that our customer's needs are of paramount importance and investments should be tailored to meet their unique needs, requirements, and risk appetite.

We know that our approach to the management of wealth must reflect our customer's depth and breadth of needs. To this end, we help develop a strategy that evaluates your complete financial needs and provide solutions through efficient cash and asset allocation, dynamic rebalancing, strong research and a diversified investment portfolio to minimize risk and maximize return. It is our conviction that we can combine our research insights, market reach and a culture of information sharing with an unwavering focus on risk management to deliver a real return to investors after inflation and taxes.

For our PMS product offerings, our portfolio managers and expert team of research analysts actively manage the portfolio to anticipate and respond to changing markets and strive to deliver performance that beat our benchmarks.




We believe that all investment processes start at a singular point: Identifying the needs of our customers. As such our entire investment process is designed to develop and manage portfolios tailored to our customer's expectations and understanding of risk-reward tradeoff.



Investments vary in their risk-return profile. Naturally, our investment process should result in strategies that take care of customer's financial needs and simultaneously identify their willingness and ability to face market variations (risk tolerance). Through a simple profile analysis, we assess your risk tolerance ability and then arrive at investment solutions that can meet your investment needs in line with your ability to shoulder risk.

From a customer's perspective, we provide two alternative solutions to choose from

risk return

1. Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management Service (PMS) is a tailor made professional service to cater to the investment needs and objectives of a certain investor class. It is ideally suited for investors who,

  • Lack sufficient time to adequately monitor and manage a portfolio
  • Lack sufficient interest and knowledge in the financial marketplace to obtain the desired result
  • Desire Customized and Research oriented investment solutions
  • Desire investment solutions that minimize emotion and manage risk
  • Desire returns that are in sync with their risk profile (ability to take risk)

2. Portfolio Advisory Services

Portfolio Advisory Services is a value-added service offered to our esteemed clients who seek to a high-quality wealth management advisory desk and research team but are comfortable making their own investment decisions. As a Portfolio Advisory Services client, you have

  • A dedicated Wealth Advisory Desk standing ready to answer your queries and unique needs.
  • Assessment of your risk profile and help with constructing / rebalancing an investment portfolio that matches your risk appetite.
  • Access to high quality research and investment strategies.
  • Minimum account balance for availing Portfolio Advisory Services is Rs. Five Lakhs.
  • The guidance can be on-going or as needed at client discretion Under these services, our Wealth Management Service desk can only suggest investment ideas that match the assessed risk-reward profile agreed for the investor. The choice as well as the execution of the investment decisions rest solely with the Investor.
  • Customer needs to sign a Portfolio Advisory Services agreement and get his Risk Profile assessed.
  • We do not charge any fees to provide this service.

3. Liquidity Management Solutions

Liquidity Management Solutions helps to make sure your funds are there when you need them—while putting excess funds to work earning a return. The objective is to provide a competitive investment return that is consistent with the security of capital and a high degree of liquidity and tax efficiency. Moving, managing and investing funds – when and where you need to – is critical to your treasury operation. Our ongoing commitment to advances in technology, combined with our industry experience, provides you with solutions designed to help you in attaining the goals.

  • Companies holding funds in current accounts.
  • HNI’s and individuals parking funds in Savings accounts and Short Term Fixed Deposits.
  • Short Term excess funds, required at pre defined dates.
  • Additional Income at no extra risk.
  • Excellent Tax Benefits.
  • Easy Liquidity , Transparent and convenient operations.
  • Service of Dedicated Certified Financial Planners having wide experience in the industry.
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