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We believe in our vision and values as strongly today as we did the first time we put them on paper. Staying true to them has served us well and continues to guide us as we cross milestones on growth and success.


We understand that each client is unique, so we deliver individualized wealth management and investment solutions – aligning financial resources with values and goals

Hedge Wealth Management Services is a trusted advisory and wealth management solutions provider to individuals, families, and institutions. With our unwavering commitment to earning clients trust and nurturing long lasting relationships via an in-depth understanding of customer needs, we have made customer interests first in everything we do. We are forward looking in our views, innovative in our thinking, and committed to help clients thrive and communities prosper.

Alex K Babu

Chairman and Managing Director

Alex K Babu is the Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director of the Hedge Group of Companies and holds responsibility for overall strategy and oversight of the group’s strategic growth initiatives.

Recognized for his youthful zeal, investment acumen, and sound business intelligence, Alex believes his role as a business leader is to lead his organization and society through change. In his own words, “Leading change is the skill I’ve worked hardest to acquire. Our company, industry, and business environment worldwide is changing all the time, so we marshal our resources and time to keep ourself nimble and agile and focusing on trust and transparency in all relationships – with our clients, with our employees, and with our shareholders.”

Alex completed his B. Tech in Mechanical engineering in 2002 and started his entrepreneurial career joining his family business of seafood exports (Baby Marine Ventures) with a special focus on International Finance & Marketing. His keen business sense and a strong belief in India’s long term growth prospects led him to set up Hedge Equities in June 2008.